Train is Approaching the Station!

Posted at Jan 23, 2014 6:48 am

My family loves to ride public transit, and this week before the release of First to Burn  on January 27 is feeling like standing on a platform watching the train coming. There’s light, movement, a lot of noise and a rush of air.



The funny duo of Sarah Wendell and Jane Litte discussed First to Burn (complete with spoilers!) in the Smart B/tches Dear Author  Podcast # 74  on January 17, and I started to freak out. Then more goodreads reviews went up, and a few days ago I received a review from All About Romance:

“A fun read … If you like paranormal romance and want to start a new series, First to Burn looks like a promising one.” – All About Romance

So that’s the noise and light of the train coming. Next week there will be sales, a release day feature at Ms. Romantic Reads, blogging at Carina and I am, Indeed and probably a dozen or four dozen things I didn’t think of yet. Most of me says it will be as easy as boarding any train, but there’s always that teeny-tiny part of me that worries about taking the step off the platform, because something bad could happen, maybe, not likely, but still …

Lots of people could hate the book, or worse, be ‘meh’. What if the spoiler that I won’t give away **unlike others on certain podcasts** upsets people? What if people greet me, and their eyes slide to the left and down a little because they don’t want to mention what they really think?

Cross the yellow line at your own risk.

Cross the yellow line at your own risk.

Big Boy worries a lot about crossing the yellow line on platforms even though I’ve told him a hundred times that standing near, but not across, the line is fine.

Mr. Richland can tell me a similar number of times that next week will be fine and there will be ups and downs, but none of that matters. I can’t help but think, ‘what if I miss my train?’

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