Enter by January 9 to Win My Books!

Posted at Jan 5, 2016 7:21 am

I'm giving all of them away this week!

I’m giving all of them away this week!

Happy New Year 2016!

This week I’m sponsoring multiple giveaways of my autographed books at Goodreads. They all end Saturday, January 9, so if you haven’t read one, please click below. And if you have read them, would you consider sharing this post with other reader friends?

(And I always include other surprises with packages I send out – they’re really great things to win).

His Road Home Goodreads Giveaway
Win a limited edition print copy of my RITA Award-winning novella about Staff Sergeant Rey Cruz and marine biostatistician Grace Kim. Printed for a charity book signing sponsored by Romance Writers of America, these paperbacks were not available anywhere else.

First to Burn (Immortal Vikings #1) Giveaway
The worst woman for an Immortal Viking in the modern army to notice is a curious doctor, but Staff Sergeant Wulf Wardsen has flirted with danger for fifteen centuries.

The Second Lie (Immortal Vikings #2) Giveaway:
An Immortal Viking thief has the perfect score planned, until she shows up. Just when they strike a deal … an enemy from the deep past finds them.

At the end of the month, I’ll be doing another books-and-baubles giveaway exclusively for my newsletter readers, so please sign up on the side bar. It’s a smaller group than Goodreads, so there’s a very good chance to win a selection of the novels and jewelry I’ve collected at writing conferences.


2 responses to “Enter by January 9 to Win My Books!”

  1. Carol L says:

    Hi Anna,
    I came here from Goodreads. I’m anxious to read The Immortal Vikings. Both blurbs pulled me in and I know I’m going to love them. I just signed up for your newsletter. I have this love for Vikings and Highlanders and look forward to reading your books Anna.
    Carol L

    • Thanks so much Carol! For Highlanders – can I recommend books by Sabrina York and Amanda Forester? They’re really different – Sabrina is a very hot writer, and Amanda is a more traditional historical style – but they’re both great. And if you want paranormal Viking warriors – Asa Bradley! She just debuted a new series. I have my fingers crossed that a romance reader like you wins the Goodreads contests, because sometimes the winners are just obsessive contest enterers, not romance fans … good luck!

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