The Second Lie (Immortal Vikings #2) is Here!

Posted at Jan 26, 2015 8:07 pm

Don't look away, or he'll have your watch off you. Maybe more than that, if you're the heroine.

Don’t look away, or Stig will have your watch off you. Maybe more than that, if you’re Christina and you’re wearing something small and black.

It’s release day for THE SECOND LIE (Immortal Vikings #2)!

It’s my pleasure to introduce readers to Stig, my immortal Viking conman with a love for fine clothes and art. If there had been high school yearbooks in AD 530, he’d have been voted “Viking Most Likely to Steal Your Dinner Jacket.” RT Book Reviews called him “a misunderstood rogue with a good heart, in a very Han-Solo-meets-James-Bond way.” Since that’s exactly how I pictured Stig, with a little Remington Steele thrown in for good measure, I was thrilled with the RT review.

I had a lot of fun researching and writing THE SECOND LIE because I had to spend time surfing the internet for unusual information, ranging from pictures of Charlemagne’s giant gold arm reliquary to information about Komodo dragon venom to how to make and use flash paper (that’s the trick magicians use to make flames shoot out of their hands without getting burned). The challenge with any book is to pull all that information together into a story, not just a series of neat ideas. As I told another Anna in an interview at Anna’s Book Blog , I tried to build my story around the theme of identity.

During my life, I’ve identified as an army officer, a lawyer, and a mother. Making the leap to start identifying myself to others as an author was a huge step, but now that my third book is out, when people ask “what do you do?”, my answer’s automatic: “I’m a romance writer.”

However, answering questions about their identity, even something as basic as an introduction, poses problems for both Stig and Christina in THE SECOND LIE. They each constructed facades for the world, Stig because he’s a 1500-year old Viking conman who constantly has a game on, and Christina because her childhood was … complicated. But it’s an authentic complication that could be true for anyone.

I hope you read and enjoy THE SECOND LIE. If I’ve done my job, you’ll be in line at the grocery store and start to wonder about who the person in front of you might really be …

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