Thanksgiving Surprises!

Posted at Nov 22, 2014 6:39 am

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks to Carina Press, First to Burn is on 99-cent sale from November 20 – 26.

I hope new readers have the chance to get a copy at that price. My first Immortal Vikings book is 118,000 words full of sexy immortal soldier, explosions, Roman ruins, helicopters, Afghan heroin smuggling and a really nice hot tub. And a smattering of Old English (did I mention it’s based on Beowulf? Basically, Beowulf with sex and modern weapons.) A lot of feast for 99 cents.

First to Burn is also the book that introduces Sergeant Rey Cruz, the hero of my Thanksgiving novella His Road Home. The romance site SmartB*tchesTrashyBooks had a roundup of Thanksgiving books, and included His Road Home as well as several others, so if you want I seasonal read that does not involve Christmas, I recommend checking out their list.

If you’ve already read His Road Home and want to read about “the old Rey,” take advantage of the 99-cent price. 

The Second Lie (The Immortal Vikings #2)

The Second Lie (The Immortal Vikings #2)

I’m thrilled to show the cover for The Second Lie, coming January 26 (preorders available). The hero Stig is an immortal Viking thief working a scam at a black-tie auction, thus the amazing shirt on the cover model. Unfortunately, Stig’s tux is in for a very rough 24 hours after the heroine Christina disrupts his scheme.

If you’ve read First to Burn already, you will get to see what happens to Ivar in this book, and I guarantee it’s not pretty.

In my third piece of news, I’m excited to share that Harlequin has decided to release The Second Lie in print in May! The paperback version will be part of the Direct to Consumer program, and also available through Harlequin’s website in late spring/early summer. Carina’s technical staff do a great job on the digital formatting, but there is something about holding your own book in a three-dimensional format and sniffing the pages that the slick, flat ereaders charging on top of the laundry bin can’t yet replace.

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