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Posted at Mar 1, 2014 7:05 am

I’m happy to announce that I’ve given away my free review copies of First to Burn, with big help from the Lovers of Paranormal Read2Review group at goodreads. If you missed a copy, sign up for my newsletter (hint) and the next time I have the chance to do a free giveaway, I will contact you directly.

Ski race

But I do have a short picture story inspired by the Richland clan’s deep love for the Winter Olympics and for plastic toys.

In the first installment, the Nordic skier from Team Cheap Plastic had an impressive lead over Team Lego and Team Playmobil. Grippy hands were useless against the superior skis permanently attached to the former cupcake decoration. 

Until …

DSC00616The world’s most dangerous mammal interrupts the race! The palm trees on the Sochi promenade outside the ice hockey venue were one thing, but a hippo? DSC00619 











It looks like Team Cheap Plastic is done for.

Until …

The Playmobil curling team, swept out of medal contention by a Canadian juggernaut, arrives with a bad news broom. Bad news, that is, for a hungry hippo.



Finally freed, the cheap plastic skier is grateful, but he can’t continue. He will be abandoned in the snow, a proud skier and former cupcake decoration reduced to litter.

But once again, the Playmobil team saves the day. It’s not a winter games event yet, but let’s have mushing as a demonstration sport in 2022!  













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