His Road Home is a Finalist!

Posted at Mar 26, 2015 3:58 pm

HIS ROAD HOME is nominated for Best Novella of 2014 by Romance Writers of America!

HIS ROAD HOME is nominated for Best Novella of 2014 by Romance Writers of America in the RITA contest!

I’m so excited to share the news that Rey Cruz and Grace Kim are going to New York City!

Well, I’m going for the National Conference of Romance Writers of America – and Rey and Grace are coming because their story HIS ROAD HOME is nominated for Best Novella of 2014!

It was a total surprise, because I saw five other books on the list of nominees and nothing had happened here, so I gave up.

Sent an email to Mr. Richland and my mother saying “not happening” and woke up the kids. Said “Mom didn’t get a call about the contest,” and the small people made rather disrespectful noises.

Ring. I thought it was my husband, calling to say sorry.

Ring. I reached the phone. And it was Carolyn Jewel of RWA calling!

Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed HIS ROAD HOME – and if you’re new to the story, I hope you’ll check out my book pages and take a trip with Rey and Grace.


8 responses to “His Road Home is a Finalist!”

  1. Holly Gault says:

    I’m thrilled and if I had a vote, I’d vote for His Road Home. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to have to break down my comfort wall and read The First to Burn — I don’t read paranormals, unh uh, no siree. His Road was so clean with no misunderstandings and no smoldering secrets, but a really good character driven story.

    Good luck and all my best wishes,

    • Thank you Holly! Was the early Rey in First to Burn what you thought he’d be? And I hope the paranormal stuff wasn’t too much – some of my readers want more military, and some want more paranormal, because it’s such a blend of both. I realized as I wrote First to Burn that he was pretty much all talk, and never actually seemed to have much action – he was almost as lonely as Wulf, the hero of First to Burn, but in a more covering-it-up way. His character really stuck with me, which is why I wrote His Road Home. Thank you for enjoying my stories!

  2. CONGRATS on the RWA nomination! His Road Home is a exceptional book, and I am thrilled to hear this news! Best of Luck!!

    • Thanks Kris! New York and the Rita Ceremony were amazing – I’m going to get a post up with pictures, hopefully sooner than I replied to these comments (I’m way better at comments on other people’s blogs – like yours! – than on mine, I’m afraid).

  3. Justlovesbooks says:

    i want to say how much I loved your writing. Fell into Insta love withRey and only Grace could have been good enough for him. You are a wonderful writer and this book deserves to win.
    I look forward to future stories an am now on my way to one click your back list.
    Best romance novel on my list

    • Thank you so much! I can’t believe I didn’t check comments until now – I’m so sorry! I’m thrilled to say His Road Home did win, and my husband and publisher and tons of writing friends were in NYC to celebrate with me. Even if it hadn’t won, the support from readers has been wonderful.

  4. azteclady says:

    Congratulations on your Rita Golden Heart win!

    • Thank you! I’m just now settling into normal enough to check my website – and then four boxes of books from RWA conference showed up an hour ago and I really want to play with books – ! (I’m sure you know that feeling). Wendy the Superlibrarian looked me up at the Literacy Signing, which was fun. In a crazy way, like the whole experience.

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