HIS ROAD HOME goes to the Tournament!

Posted at Mar 18, 2015 5:01 am

Click to Vote for HIS ROAD HOME in the Romance Tournament at www.dabwhaha.com

Vote for HIS ROAD HOME in the Romance Tournament at www.dabwhaha.com

Rey Cruz and Grace Kim from HIS ROAD HOME need your help!

Their love story was selected by the websites Dear Author and SmartB*tchesTrashyBooks as one of the best romance novellas of 2014. That means they’re off to a March Madness-style tournament for books: 64 books, 1 winner!

Rey is a competitive guy. He had to be, to succeed in Special Forces and to power through his rehab. Frankly, he thinks it would suck if some book featuring SEAL Team Six or the Duke of TightieWhitieshire beat HIS ROAD HOME. And while Rey’s first round competition is one of Kat Latham’s rugby players, probably a good enough guy to chill with, that dude’s not the guy who jumped into a canal and a freaking South Dakota ice bath when he saw a kid in trouble.

The five syllables Rey wants you to remember – since he can’t whisper them in your ear:


Click on this link to THE DABWAHA TOURNAMENT.

Grace is a shade less competitive than Rey, and she hopes you’ll also vote for the awesome heroines in ARCHER’S SIN by Amy Raby, A CHRISTMAS GONE PERFECTLY WRONG by Cecilia Grant and THE JADE TEMPTRESS by Jeannie Lin. If all those women lived in modern Seattle, they’d absolutely be women Grace would call friends.

First round voting for HIS ROAD HOME is only open for TWELVE HOURS.

Eastern US: from midnight on Thursday morning, March 19, to noon Thursday.

US Pacific Time: Wednesday 9 PM to Thursday 9 AM.

Australia (+15 from East Coast): Thursday 3 PM to Friday 3 AM

UK (+5 from East Coast): Thursday 5 AM to 5 PM

Rey wishes he could text you a reminder on Thursday morning when you wake up, but Grace is dubious about him texting women she doesn’t know. Voting as many times as you can is totally part of the tournament. And please share the message with your friends through Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!

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