Free Paperback of First to Burn (an Immortal Viking Paranormal Romance)

Posted at Sep 8, 2014 6:37 pm

Our nightly dinner view.

Our nightly dinner view.

Anna’s Book Blog – another Anna, we are awesome! – is doing the first giveaway of a paper copy of First to Burn. You can hold the firm hunk of over 400 pages of Immortal Viking Shirtless Cover Dude in your hands. Or give it to someone who doesn’t have an e-reader.

Or set it face out on your shelves, like the giant poster we have next to our table – but most people aren’t quite that crazy. Are they?

What’s the deal with the paperback copies, you ask? They are not available through retailers, only directly through So it’s supercool that Anna wants to give one away, but if you want to buy one for yourself, this is the link.

You can preorder Sergeant Cruz's "raw, emotional story" (Can you tell I like that Publishers Weekly review?)

You can preorder Sergeant Cruz’s “raw, emotional story” (Can you tell I like that Publishers Weekly review?)

I’m getting anxious for the release of HIS ROAD HOME on October 13. Publishers Weekly gave Rey Cruz’s story a starred review and called it “tantalizing … a raw, emotional story” so I can’t wait for more people to have the chance to read it.

You would be doing me a great favor to add HIS ROAD HOME to your goodreads list, by the way. And I love any reviews for any of my books – they really help other readers discover new authors like me. Even just a rating without comments helps!

I’m so thrilled HIS ROAD HOME is reaching readers. A couple early readers told me that they weren’t able to put the story down, and they don’t know what to say in a review to convey how much the story touched them. My reply was basically, “Your email to me is perfect – it’s your reaction – you don’t have to analyze the book.” I’d love to hear from more readers, and I’m happy to send questions, notes or cards to your book group.

If you’re a blogger, please consider signing up for the Tasty Book Tour October 13 – 31st. I have a special giveaway: a $50 donation to the Fisher House Foundation, in honor of a veteran of the winner’s choice. So it’s a great opportunity to honor someone you admire!

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