25% Off Sale and Special Giveaway at the Thursday Book Club (July 31)

Posted at Jul 20, 2014 8:17 pm

First to Burn News

July is busy! All Romance eBooks is having a 25% off sale for all Carina Press titles, including First to Burn. That brings the price to $2.99.

Channeling the math-loving heroine of my October release, His Road Home, I calculate that puts the price-per-word as $.000025. So readers get 10,000 words for 25 cents, and it adds up to a complete 118,000 word novel for $2.99.

Hop over to Born to Read Books, where First to Burn is the Thursday Book Club pick for July 31. The free giveaway of First to Burn is finished, but they’re having a group book chat on July 31 (and maybe a free copy of the not-yet-released His Road Home, the story of Rey Cruz and Grace Kim, will appear at the chat) and also hosting my summer book blast tour on August 14.

Tasty Book Tour Aug. 13 - 15. Click to sign up.

Tasty Book Tour Aug. 13 – 15. Click to sign up.

Tasty Book Tours also has review copies of First to Burn for blogs that sign up for the three-day tour.

His Road Home Cover and Preorder Available

I’m busy getting ready for the release of His Road Home on October 13. Carina Press has created an outstanding cover for the story of Rey Cruz and Grace Kim, strangers stuck in an unintended engagement.

His Road Home, Preorder Now

His Road Home, Preorder Now

This cover so perfectly captures the story’s feel that it gives me shivers.

Rey and Grace are from the same small town in Eastern Washington, but life took them in different directions. He joined the army as soon as he got a GED, and worked his way into Special Forces (teammates with Wulf, the hero of First to Burn).

Grace went early to the University of Washington for a PhD and ended up projecting fish populations in the Pacific Ocean as a member of the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle. Two people who’d never meet again in normal circumstances.

However, Rey needs to find a fake fiancĂ©e to get a matchmaking Afghan warlord off his back. Being the constantly-deployed bachelor we met in First to Burn, Cruz doesn’t have a lot of female friends to ask for an appropriate picture. So he goes back to an online high school yearbook, finds a woman with an updated professional picture on the internet who’s left his hometown, and creates an engagement photo spread.

You know where that’s going, right?

The journey takes Rey and Grace from strangers meeting in a hospital room to friendship and then to driving across the country in his classic muscle car. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside an ice-fishing shack, His Road Home offers answers.

Available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, kobo and most places you find ebooks, or to add on Goodreads now.

His Road Home

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