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Coffee and something to read, what everyone needs to start the morning, right? My mother drinks tea, and I suspect some people require carbonated caffeine, but if my morning doesn’t start with coffee and a newspaper, I’m grumpy.

I see my children read the same cereal box they read yesterday, and know I’ve done one thing right as a parent. The rest is debatable—how hard is it to chew with your mouth closed?—but at least they’re compelled to read whatever is set in front of them.

So whether you’re stealing a moment for this site at work or at home, any time of day, I hope you can sip a drink and enjoy reading about my books and my blog. I’d love to hear from you!

Secrets Revealed! (or at least trivia shared)

Posted at Apr 7, 2014 7:46 pm

First to Burn Cover Model

First to Burn Cover Model

I’ll be answering questions about FIRST TO BURN, my next two releases, my hero Wulf’s poor suffering jerky brother Ivar, and coffee over at Anna’s Book Blog on Tuesday, April 8.

That’s not my blog – it’s another Anna! But she shares the universal Anna hatred for songs that reference yellow tropical fruit in addition to a shared love of romance novels.

And to update readers of First to Burn: The draft of the second Immortal Vikings book is 98% finished, but I still have a month or more of edits. Right now the story hits locations in London, France, Belgium, Germany, the North Sea and Napa, California. And only one place burns! I’m practicing restraint! Wulf and Theresa show up near the end when things are grim for Stig, an immortal thief on a mission from Ivar.

Sometimes I describe the next installment of The Immortal Vikings as James Bond meets 80s television. Remember Remington Steele? The 1983 mini-series V with the lizard-aliens? Moonlighting? Now add immortal Vikings, mobile phones, the surveillance state and a dachshund.

More secrets and a chance to suggest a name for the dog at Anna’s blog.

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